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Crimpning terminals for Cable (36 – 16 AWG)


  • Effekt: ***watt
  • Livslängd: L70, 25 000tim
  • Temperaturtolerans: -20°C - +40°C
  • Antal tänd/släck: >100 000
  • Dimensioner: Ø/Lmm/Bmm/Hmm/Dmm
  • Vikt: Kg



Vi hjälper dig med crimpning av olika terminaler.



Pneumatic Strip & Crimp Machine :

Schleuniger's worldwide field-proven StripCrimp PP3 is a pneumatic machine for stripping and crimping wires from 32 to 16 AWG in one operation. Precision machine design and unique tooling make it the ideal solution for a wide range of applications. The compact benchtop machine is particularly famous for its thin wire processing capabilities, reliability and high quality output.

Highest Accuracy for Smallest Crimps :

Precision stripping and gas tight crimps (certified with cross-section and test record if requested) guarantee maximum processing quality. The sensitive trigger sensor ensures accurate and repeatable wire placement. The cable's position remains unchanged during the entire stripping and crimping process, eliminating any damage or brush effect on the wire end strands. For smaller cross-sections as well as for thin-walled or extremely tough insulations special die-blades are available.

Choose Between Left or Right Feed :

The StripCrimp PP3 is available in two versions: The StripCrimp PP3 L for side feed from the left or, alternatively, the StripCrimp PP3 R, designed for right side feed. Both versions can be used for rear feed terminals.

Quick Applicator Changeover? No Problem :

The applicators can be easily exchanged enabling very short change-over times, thus making the machine most suitable for small and medium production batches.

A particular Schleuniger speciality is the customer-specific tooling of applicators. Our crimping specialists have a long history of finding solutions for even the most difficult to process terminals. Customers from all over the world enjoy the benefits of working with Schleuniger high precision applicators. More than 20'000 sold applicators for more than 6'000 different types of terminals from all major terminal manufacturers are our best reference.

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