LB-SF Series
SF44 6ef2dc6c3e3943e56941ec213f67a2c0
SF5 38428e7d6b58ff21fc5515872a91b6bb
SF3 2e2edb1c2066fd3d8c0283e90ee60452

LB-SF Series


  • Effekt: ***watt
  • Livslängd: L70, 25 000tim
  • Temperaturtolerans: -20°C - +40°C
  • Antal tänd/släck: >100 000
  • Dimensioner: Ø/Lmm/Bmm/Hmm/Dmm
  • Vikt: Kg


LB-SF10 is a creative full-color SMD LED display that has combined high-resolution and ultra flexible structure. One integrated power and signal cable for each module, quick cable work, higher stability. Ultra flexible module can be installed in different shapes such as concave and convex, or attached to different objectives in horizontal or vertical. Maximum 6.4m linked module ensure fast installation, customized size is available. High refresh rate enables the screen offering flick-free images even under HD camera shooting. These full-color RGB LED displays could be quickly folded and packed, easily and flexibly installed, ideal for TV studios, theaters, large scaled entertainment venues and stage background. It is the first choice to help you achieve creative stage design and irregular shape installations..

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