LB-SE Series
LB SE5 A1cae1b9a2c69533713a737e71d4609d
LB SE3 584d755a14147d190932e5e939311721
LB SE7 4e3059654b74cec0ca3fd84740d13cf4
LB SE6 4f8b5e0db0564567331104e107e66b56

LB-SE Series


  • Effekt: ***watt
  • Livslängd: L70, 25 000tim
  • Temperaturtolerans: -20°C - +40°C
  • Antal tänd/släck: >100 000
  • Dimensioner: Ø/Lmm/Bmm/Hmm/Dmm
  • Vikt: Kg


LB-SE55/80 LED display takes "free your imagination" as the design concept, its unique flexible structure enable panel can be curved, rolled up, hung up or folded to form versatile shapes. Customized size helps stage light designers achieve more creative ideas. Optional transparent or black panel color. Modularized large panel and fast connection locks make installation easy and fast. Innovative structure maximum the screen's transparency and stability. The uppermost 75% transparency rate makes the background clearly visible when the screen is off and presents a special visual effect when the screen is on..

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