LB-GL Series
LB GL1 6ad91d4a319fbeab15a4d824b0762752
LB GL2 Bc4c832cdfa3e2b2de3e44095d1ad05b
LB GL3 96a539dc9e48f615abceb15238726dba
LB GL5 Ee299d87e6ae03c110769c19f1c7f71c

LB-GL Series


  • Effekt: ***watt
  • Livslängd: L70, 25 000tim
  • Temperaturtolerans: -20°C - +40°C
  • Antal tänd/släck: >100 000
  • Dimensioner: Ø/Lmm/Bmm/Hmm/Dmm
  • Vikt: Kg


This innovative outdoor LED display of LB-GL25/30/40 series is designed especially for large building facade. It applies individual replaceable LED strips, over 60% transparency, only 1/3 weight of the traditional cabinet LED screen, with the highly wind-resistant function and high brightness with 5000-6000 nits*. Panels could be installed and dismantled from front or rear of the screen, which make the installation and maintain work much more convenient and flexible, providing a brand new option for outdoor media facade LED display. LED strip design ensure minimum weight and over 60% transparency, highly wind-resistance, less impact for inside lighting conditions of the building. Die-casting aluminum panel, flexible installation. Safe and convenient maintenance: modularized power and signal unit, could be installed and maintained from front or rear of the screen. Less than 16 kg per square meters, minimize the loading impact on buildings, one person could finish the installation and dismantle, cost-saving for installation and transportation. Ultra slim: the thinnest part is less than 23mm, which enable the screen attached closely to buildings, not affect the building's overall style. High reliable connectors applied, excellent waterproof function, satisfy outdoor application needs.

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