LB-ES Series
LB ES1 8195a559c4d87bc8704c3cf22df69095
LB ES2 Bce822eb5967a80a1e274914aed2c2bb
LB ES5 C7756e7930fec8bb2f4a929fd054e200
LB ES6 Fac9dc266778cf5635eb00a91577b11f

LB-ES Series


  • Effekt: ***watt
  • Livslängd: L70, 25 000tim
  • Temperaturtolerans: -20°C - +40°C
  • Antal tänd/släck: >100 000
  • Dimensioner: Ø/Lmm/Bmm/Hmm/Dmm
  • Vikt: Kg


LB-ES6/9/12 flexible LED screens are brand new creative LED stage screen. Up to 20% - 45% transparency that enable the curtain screen perfectly integrated with stage light and achieve the fantastic visual effect. Spring plunger positioning, seamless panel matching. Modular inter-panel locks for simple and quick installation. Unique angle clamps help to achieve concave and convex installations. 5000 nits* high brightness offers clear images for outdoor applications in the daytime. Light weight panel, easy to transport, one person could handle the installation work..


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